Little Sister Refuses To Get A Job


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  • SSSniperWolf
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    hello friends!! me and Dhar Mann just filmed another video, excited for you to see it soon!!!

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    brisyy carrillo

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    Hey sniper wolf can I please have a shoutout?

  • sdbe53


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    I love you sssniperwolf

  • tenisha mckenzie

    tenisha mckenzie

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    That girl lazy like heck get rid of that demon who can't live with him

  • Dude Kraken

    Dude Kraken

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    It’s Dhar Mann and I... me and Dhar Mann is not correct grammar, dude

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  • ꧁Quin cookie꧂
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    One of the lady really said 🔵👄🟤 (im not hating it looks beautiful☺️)

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    @ SSSniperWolf

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    On the search where you search for videos type easy Mars channel

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  • semenj
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    Sister:*snatches stuff* Me:GO GET YOUR STUUF B

  • Ashira Uy
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    5:56 tho that pose... NOPE

  • Keegan Playz
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    That girl is so dum

  • Keegan Playz
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    I’m A fan of sniper wolf

  • Raylynn Ochoa
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  • Dibya Ghimire
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    What if they all already got food from the store and she bought more

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  • Roman Penner
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    make a new karen vid

  • Julian Ananda
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    I know someone like that they wouldn’t even care literary I will make 10 pancakes and she will take the 10 dishes of pancakes and eat them all and then put them in the sink so I can clean it

  • Aleena Kassim
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  • Aish Khan
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    You a big baby

  • Michelle Van Dijke
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    SSSniperWolf i love ur vids pls like

  • Rui Teng Raydan Tan
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    wwwhhhaaattt six month

  • Juan Ramos
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    y does she look like toga yyyyy

  • LittleMissG
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    This triggered me TOO much!!!!! 😤 Btw Lia ur my fave GEcoldr! Keep going! 😜

  • wertyfire channel
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    The little sister is so spoiled

  • Shinigamifemale from Bakon
    Shinigamifemale from Bakon10 საათის წინ

    My dose Ashley’s hair looks like toga form my hero academy

  • Matt Poulton
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    Me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • justachaoticbisexual
    justachaoticbisexual12 საათის წინ

    bro if someone took my food like that I would *THROW HANDS*

  • Olivia Olive
    Olivia Olive14 საათის წინ

    I know they're just acting but it drives me insane how people actually act like this it gets me to Amy's from punches the person that's being rude even though they're just acting

  • prince zyrus salinas
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  • Sprout - Brawl Stars
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    *S* *T* *A* *R* *F* *W* *O* *M* *A* *N*

  • Olivia Quiles
    Olivia Quiles15 საათის წინ

    Why does the little sister give me Birds of Prey Harley vibes😂

    4TIMESTHEFUN16 საათის წინ

    Omg ur the hood acter

  • Maria Jimenez
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  • Heebie Jeebie
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    Haha my cousin and her baby daddy are moochers.

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    Great Video 2021

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  • Political Imposter
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    “its just one plate, what’s the big deal?” if it ain’t a big deal then clean it yourself woman

  • Angela Jones
    Angela Jones19 საათის წინ

    She is so greedy

  • Calm_ Flower
    Calm_ Flower20 საათის წინ

    Me: watches this Also me: How to slap someone through the internet

  • mainderry
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    laziest youtuber ever.

  • lily Rutschman
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    My dads dad was in my home in 2020 know in 2021

  • Mishi The fishi
    Mishi The fishi21 საათის წინ

    would've i come to your house and I eat something and don't wash the dish because I am a kid. will you get mad?

  • Wooden Kiyoko
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    The childlike middle intraoperatively reject because tempo gradually switch since a windy cello. combative, elderly ceiling

  • Moonlight Elementary squad
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    The girl:it’s just one plate Me:can I wash it later my mum get my flip flop it’s the secret weapon and slaps me

  • funny bunny
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    Criminal reacord

  • Su Pham
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    I realize the white hair girl is lazy 🐯 and then not lazy ;-;

  • Laura Armstrong
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  • Alexa Rodriguez
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    Furue98393oioq7eixg uh w🤣😂😲😠😹😹😾🙉🙊💬🦷👨‍🏫

  • Rohit Satesh
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    Ha ha ha how u like that the song

  • Cam Mojica
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    The best GEcoldr ever it’s just 🤩

  • Amzie Edwards
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    I’m triggered right now just do your own dishes get a job

  • Justice tyrelle
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    The silly graphic computationally reflect because magazine fittingly tick pace a ugly ethiopia. smiling, sharp leek

  • Aliannah Paiement
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    If I were the mom I would be like “Get the Greedy thang outta here”

  • William_Afton Fan
    William_Afton Fanდღის წინ

    LOL I dont have a brat sister

  • Ben Vibez
    Ben Vibezდღის წინ

    The sister: These heels are a necessity. Me: Ha...Ha...Ha... Get out.

  • Westgang
    Westgangდღის წინ

    I feel like she had to re-record it because she punched her screen so hard it broke

  • Promila Sood
    Promila Soodდღის წინ

    8:05 to 8:08 Blinks be like :- How you like that that that that that that that that that-- Here Blink means K-pop's one of mostt famous and my favourite Female Group BlackPink's fans.. Im an Army too, means Best K-pop Male group BTS's fan.. they're both best male and female k-pop groups for me 🥰🥰

  • Colin Burk
    Colin Burkდღის წინ

    don't children take advantage of people and don't do anything?

  • Candy Gore
    Candy Goreდღის წინ

    why does she look like harley quinn and she does everything in the movie about harley quinn

  • hodali Paula
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  • Aiden uzumaki
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  • Isabella
    Isabellaდღის წინ

    She kinda looks like Toga from my hero academia which is a thing my brother used to watch

  • XxCrystal_ClearxX
    XxCrystal_ClearxXდღის წინ

    Omg that's was so funny near the end when the wife said "aww come here" an add come on with a cat and it turned it's head like "What?" And it was so funny!

  • LeFrenchBaguette UwU
    LeFrenchBaguette UwUდღის წინ

    10:00 every friend of mine that lives in my neighborhood T^T

  • Kanna-P //
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  • Betsy Lua
    Betsy Luaდღის წინ

    If the heels were such a necessity why didn't she just eat

  • Betsy Lua

    Betsy Lua

    დღის წინ


  • Chyna Birch
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  • Touleen Mohamed Ahmed
    Touleen Mohamed Ahmedდღის წინ

    What she in the old set up

  • viixnatge.
    viixnatge.დღის წინ

    So, nobody gonna talk about Scott’s sister who is most likely STILL living in the sister’s house?

  • Darryn Lee
    Darryn Leeდღის წინ

    Remind me of Harley Quinn

  • Lexis Minnies
    Lexis Minniesდღის წინ

    brah im the oldest nd I dont even try doing such things for my brother😋🤡🐼 I don't never gonna be that nice to my brother

  • nikola radovanovic
    nikola radovanovicდღის წინ

    ngl the girl looks like jokers girlfriend

  • Josh Love
    Josh Loveდღის წინ

    Mum and dad

  • Jay McGlasson
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    I just started laughing and subscribe. Right away

  • Ochako The Dumb Dumb :3
    Ochako The Dumb Dumb :3დღის წინ

    Why does she looks like himiko toga???????? And himiko toga is from my hero academia

  • Phoenix Garfunkel
    Phoenix Garfunkelდღის წინ

    I love SSSniperWolf videos in the world

  • Tiger-lily Bocchino
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    I WALK to school at 8:30 EVERY DAY and she complaining that she has to drive to a job interview whenever she wants she gats to DRIVE I have to WALK and I’m a CHILD she’s an GROWN UP

  • Sydney W
    Sydney Wდღის წინ

    The sisters like "uh I dont got that kinda money" and then she pulls out her new shoes

  • Abigale Contreras
    Abigale Contrerasდღის წინ

    I really love your videos

  • Kaitlyn Compton
    Kaitlyn Comptonდღის წინ

    Hey sssniperwolf did you notice it the girlfriend has two different colored eyes

  • Shiloh cat
    Shiloh catდღის წინ

    my dad and m

  • Shantel Mharee Gad
    Shantel Mharee Gadდღის წინ

    HEY that's my pie 🥧 don't eat it you scammer girl!

  • Aquatic
    Aquaticდღის წინ

    Yt Chanel concordgp1

  • Serenity Xwxwx
    Serenity Xwxwxდღის წინ

    Don’t have a job but my school starts at 9 o’clock

  • Cecilia
    Ceciliaდღის წინ

    Toga fan lol

  • Cecilia


    დღის წინ

    No wonder her bf is a criminal

  • ST - 04CH 846167 Copeland PS
    ST - 04CH 846167 Copeland PSდღის წინ

    that food look good tho

  • Walker Mauntel
    Walker Mauntelდღის წინ

    Really you said spell it out nothing thats not it its n o t h I n g


    Are they contacts


    The wife eyes are blue and brown

  • Vergil Montiero
    Vergil Montieroდღის წინ

    The face of the brother when the boyfriend says, "I wanna thank you guys for letting me live here"lol. Like when?

  • Edward playz the OG!
    Edward playz the OG!დღის წინ

    “Uh yea,these heels r a necessity” Me: OOO GIRL GET UR A-

  • Edward playz the OG!
    Edward playz the OG!დღის წინ

    3:10 girl get roasted xD

  • Madison Scarpelli
    Madison Scarpelliდღის წინ

    ok so she say I cAnT BuY GrOcErYs *pulls out 1,000 dollar shoes* ;-;

  • shoto todoroki
    shoto todorokiდღის წინ

    it was the "Uh YeAh ThEsE hEeLs ArE nEcEsSiTy" for me

  • shoto todoroki
    shoto todorokiდღის წინ

    Is it just me that washes my plate after eating at my friends house and help clean her room

  • artsywaterlily
    artsywaterlilyდღის წინ

    2:38 Why does the wife have two different eye colors????

  • Fin
    Finდღის წინ

    It’s like Harley Quinn and the joker

  • Anne Noble
    Anne Nobleდღის წინ

    I mean whats

  • Anne Noble
    Anne Nobleდღის წინ

    Sniper wolf wars your fortnite name

  • Antonio Almazan
    Antonio Almazanდღის წინ

    This girl thinks that food cost 10000000000 dollars and u can buy heels for 499$

  • Vilma Ramírez
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  • Spontaneous Intentional
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