Wife Cheats On Husband Because He's Poor


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    Mah name is Zara oof

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    Reggie’s mind be like:”I hope this plan works, her breath is killing me 🤢”

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    Shyanna said she love your video

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    And they’re clothes are so so so soooo amazing🤩!

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    I have clothes from Zara!

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    Me: yup don’t have a job Lia : move that badonkadonk to a job

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    Me: o.O WHAAAAA-. The girl in vid : OHH RATCHIE YOU GOT ME A GIFT OHHHHH❤️💕😍

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    She is EVIL

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    Fun fact: all gold diggers ‘need’ are what they want since you don’t need a bag from Gucci

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    3:43 Erica: Reggie! You got me a bag from gucci.... Oh karen! You deserve a used bag tho... Btw the way she said that was cool

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    5:37 ??? Whats sound

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    wonder why we put bags in another less expensive bag *HMmMmmmMmmMmMmMmmMmm*

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    Sometimes speaking too much is irritating

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    She I a lire

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    If your bi sexual and don’t have a girlfriend or boyfriend yet that means your not bi sexual Your bi your self

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    I. Love. This

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    Say E if u think gold diggers should not exist EEEEEEEE

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    I have a GEcold channel now go watch it hi sssniperwolf you want to see my GEcold channel search up game over

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    just me or are her eyes blue and brown

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    Oo f

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    Any one else notice the girl she got two diffrent eyes

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    The woman has a blue and a brown eye

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    Yes I know because I'm a kid and one of my yt they react to it so I already saw it yay

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    I would rather buy a ps5 instead of gucci

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    Sssniperwolf: and thats on perioddddddddd

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    I love sssniperwolf so bad she's my idol 😍😍😍😍😍

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    I like how the wife on every episode has a different wig

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    That girl got what she deserve

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    Gold ginger

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    Any body else notice her eyes 2:43

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    The end where she be like "oohh I lovee surprises *IS IT SOMETHING DESIGNER?* XD Uno reverse card was played and damn she got what she deserved 😂 I wAnT dEsIgNeR tHiNgS

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    That girl is littery wearing something that is not even like fancy you can probably get that stuff from Walmart in the beginning

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    Wow that girl is real rood

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    Gucci: *gets a normal belt and slaps their logo on it* -Sold for hundreds-

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    IQ over 💯

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    Hahahahahaha hahahaha🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

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    Wait but when your a parent ur mom and dad r ded and grand parents

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    Omg 3:26 subtitles says Jay was her mom where's her mom I thought her mom was sick

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    Excuse me, WHAT!? ZARA?!?!?!? Edit:😂😂😂

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    Does it need a boyfriend do you need a job and she’s a Golddigger

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    Sssniperwolf you are the best I never learn how to do anything without you

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    you got me a gift form guicc me: 👁👄👁 what the hell

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    That. Girl so. Mad. In. The. Video

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    this is my friend time watching ur video

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    I would be happy and gratefull for that zara bag bcs its my fave shop

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    That's WEIRD!!! How did that get there?!?!?

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    I’d take clothes from H&M over Gucci any day

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    Omg I love her vids! Also the guys eyes look purple or like he put eye shadow on it

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    yo im rich as the guvmont and thet girl f up

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    The tangible layer correspondingly separate because history nutritionally please modulo a vigorous noise. hurried, capable golf

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    its getting old hear people saying" I want Gucci I want pent house I want I want I want

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    That lady you should shut up because do you live in an apartment and I live in apartment is much better than a house

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    My mom wont let me bye the phone case :,( im so so so sad 😭😭

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    Is the ps5 thing still out?

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    Promotion takes time even mouths though she knows that.

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    2:48 classic dhar man quate

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    1:33 I thought she said Daddy-

  • Nicole Asp
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    I raalised the girl has 2 different color eyes

    USE CODE VIBBEZდღის წინ

    She has to different eue colors

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    I like Zara and DON’T JUDGE

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    If ur trying to hide something on ur phone a tip is to stay calm turn it off and slowly put it away it always works unless they’re after ur phone

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    Isn't it

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    You just commented i saw you i watch this and i looked into the comments 😊😊😊

    JIA NAGდღის წინ

    Erica : Oh Reggie... You got me a gift from Gucci Me: It rHyMeS. 😂

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    No ones gonna talk about how she has to eye colours

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    I love the subtle *rubs two fingers on his scalp to show hair spray* and the matching 😏

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